Over 140 years since its founding, an inn built in the town where Ryoma was born

Born in Tosa over 140 years.
Since our founding in 7th year of the Meiji Era, we have welcomed many celebrities from various fields as a royal Jyoseikan.

Always thank you for your gratitude and honor and sincere hospitality.
Casually, and warm.
Passion of our predecessors has alive now also Jyoseikan


  • Tosaji inn that touches the heart of Tosaji

    Hoping for the city of birth of Ryoma, the relaxing room makes you feel at ease.
    Please spend a relaxing time at the historic inn, widely loved by the royal family as well as numerous political and financial worlds.

Outdoor bath

  • Looking down on the castle town where Ryoma Sakamoto was born

    Jyoseikan the top floor and Prospects open-air bath, swam of Ryoma Kagami River, Kochi Shiroshita Ya rich view overlooking the mountains around. Please enjoy the evening of Tropical country Kochi relaxedly in the texture of wood and the atmosphere full of nature.

    【Igosso-no-yu:Man bath】It is a Takaya style outdoor bath with a charming texture of wood.
    【Hachikin-no-yu: Woman bath】Jacuzzi is set up, Kochi Castle, far in the Shikoku Mountain Range of the Shikoku Mountain Range, while watching the mountain Shikoku Mountain Range, the tiredness of the trip is healed. You can also enjoy a fantastic moment by lighting up the bathtub.
    ※Men and women change in the morning and evening.

Hotel Facilities

  • Encounter, space to colorfully talk a tale

    Jyoseikan, we have welcomed our customers with the same sincerity so that customers can fully enjoy their trip to Tosa.

    Relax and relax in the relaxing space of the hotel at a time of traveling.


  • Pot dish

    Kochi specialty dish basil.Complete the dish bowl if you include sashimi, bonito bonito, sushi, and the seasons of the sea and mountain season in a large plate such as Arita or Kutani.
    In other words, "dish basin" is not a name that points to a cooking method, it is, in a way, a name of a joyful bait, and also represents the style of that way of eating.Surround your dish with lots of bowls and take what you want to eat on your small dish.It is Tosa's dish that dislikes being bound by a stiff rule, respecting freedom above anything else.
    Please enjoy deliciously, including the fresh seafood produced in Tosa Bay, as well as the straw-grilled Tataki of the bonito bonito baked in the straw-baked potato studio in the facility.
  • Western food

    Ryokan's cuisine is usually called "Japanese cuisine", but the hotel boasts of not only accommodation but also wedding order group number "No. 1 in Kochi Prefecture" from the location condition in Kochi city center We will.We are also focusing on wedding cuisine and party cuisine, while the inn is a ryokan, western cuisine department is enriched.
  • Cook

    How to devise the local ingredients to finish the dish, sparing time and effort to make customers happy, carefully tasting dishes and culinary delights to our customers, with a hearty culinary truly hospitable I try to be a cook who can tell hard.

Buffet Breakfast

  • Tasty breakfast in Kochi boasting the number of items in Kochi Area No. 1

    60 kinds of breakfast buffet is the only item in the area! Japanese, Local rich content diet in Western both, Jyoseikan unique that focus on local production for local consumption. In the boasting open kitchen, we recommend "Fuwitro's omelet" and "Fuwafuwa soup rolls egg" that you can taste fresh! In addition, please enjoy a local breakfast that you can taste all of Kochi, such as Kochi specialty Boushi Pan and Original Tosa Rice Bowl with your favorite ingredients!

Kochi Prefecture No. 1!

  • Breakfast Festival ®2018

    Rakuten Travel “Breakfast Festival” sponsored by Rakuten Travel, we won first place in Kochi Prefecture for two consecutive years.

A trip that makes Kochi 10 times fun

  • 【optional tour】Let's enjoy deep Kochi!

    “Jyoseikan recommends a trip that makes Kochi 10 times more enjoyable” is an experience-based accommodation option developed based on the concept of “tours made by locals” to make hotel guests more enjoyable sightseeing in Kochi. .
    We guide over more than 30 tours such as rural living in Kochi, rich in nature, outdoor activities, gourmet experience, town walking tours and more.
    "I want to experience Kochi, but I do not know what to do ..." Please contact me like that.The tour concierge will show you the perfect experience!

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