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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the price for children?

    ■Child A charge
    70% of adult fare, children under elementary school age will get the same dish as adults. (Bedding available)
    ■Child B rate
    Continue reading
  • I'd like to eat a cream sofa after meals ...

    The 1F cafe "Seseragi" selling Clemia Soft
    It's open from 9:00 to 17:00
    Regarding Clemia Soft, we sell until 24:00.

    Please speak at the froContinue reading
  • Is the parking lot free? Or is there a fee?

    There is a charge.

    〇1 car    【1 night / 880 yen(tax included)】
    〇Motorcycle 125 cc or more【1 night / 550 yen(tax included)】
  • Can you eat meals in your room?

    Dinner meal is either restaurant, banquet room or room meal.(It can not choose)
    If you would like to have a room meal, we have the followingContinue reading
  • Is it a commemorative trip, can you prepare cakes etc?

    Important anniversary we can celebrate in the Jyoseikan of cake" in the facility.

    Of course not my birthday! Perfect as a gift for daily tContinue reading
  • Is there a place where you can eat within the facility?

    There is a cafe called "Seseragi" at the hotel 1F, so you can have a meal there.

    【Seseragi opening hours】
    9:00 to 17:00
  • Searing studio Warayaki Tataki Kobo?

    The lively "straw-yaki" demonstration of bonito tataki that unfolds in front of customers is held every day from 17:50, so please enjoy it.
  • Is there a convenience store near the hotel?

    Yes, we have.
    7-Eleven is about a 5-minute walk on the right side of the hotel.
  • Is there an ATM nearby?

    Yes, we have.
    Shikoku Bank, opposite the front of the hotel
    There is also a convenience store ATM about a 5-minute walk east of the hotel.
  • Can I use only the breakfast buffet?

    Yes, you can also use only the breakfast buffet by reservation system.

    Buffet breakfast fee
    Adult 1,980 yen(tax included)
    Children (elementContinue reading
  • Do you have a barrier-free rooms?

    There is a special chamber which is barrier-free
    Please see the HP room for details.
  • Can I leave the parcel sent by courier?

    It will be stored at the front desk.
    Please fill in your name and the date of your stay on the bill when sending it over.
    Please contact us Continue reading
  • When will you lay your futon?

    Please understand that if you arrive after 19 o'clock, you may prepare futons for guests arriving after 19:00 with breakfast or no meals at Continue reading
  • Can I leave my car after checkout?

    Yes, available.
    We have free storage until 12:00, but please understand that 200 yen is added every 30 minutes as an additional charge afteContinue reading
  • May I bring in foods and drinks?

    Please refrain from bringing in food and drink, including the room and meal venue at the hotel.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperaContinue reading
  • In the case of a car, how do I put it in the parking lot?

    In front of Jyoseikan you enter the car from the road in In front of Jyoseikan of In front of Jyoseikan (to the west), you will be guided byContinue reading
  • About bathing of those who are tattooed

    I will refuse bathing in the public baths towards tattoos (tattoo, TATOO etc.).Please use the bathroom of the room as you please.(Voice may Continue reading
  • About handling of forgotten items

    If there are items left behind in the hotel
    We have kept it for up to half a year.

    After that, we will dispose of it at our inn.
  • Is there a hospital nearby?

    Yes, within 5 minutes by car
    "Hosogi Hospital" "Kamimachi Hospital" "Kuniyoshi Hospital" and so on.
  • Are there any recreational play equipment rentals?

    Yes, we have.
    "Go·Shogi ", 2,160 yen
    "Trump", Free
    【Mahjong】¥ 4,320
    It is.

    Please inform us when using.
  • Do you have a launderette?

    There is no coin-operated laundry on site.
    Since it is located about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel, please use sorry to trouble you.

    ※I Continue reading
  • How long is the shop available?

    Shop opening hours
    It is from 7:00 to 22:00.
  • Can I change to a vegetarian dish?

    Yes, we will respond as much as we can.
    Please inform us in advance.
  • Is there a curfew?

    There is no curfew.However, please be aware that there is time for the final check-in if you are going to eat at the hotel.
  • I'd like to check in as soon as possible ...

    Until 15 o'clock, we have cleaning, maintenance, staff etc within the facility and we are not ready to pick you up.
    I truly are afraid, pleaContinue reading
  • Is there a refrigerator?

    Yes, we have.
    Because there is no beer or juice in it
    Please use vending machines and shops when you wish.
  • Does the menu change for continuous stay?

    Yes, the menu of consecutive guests is changing everyday.
    Also, you can enjoy the breakfast buffet without getting tired as we are changingContinue reading
  • Is there a vending machine?

    Yes, we have.
    1F Shop side and front of the 8th floor elevator, and cigarette vending machines are on 1F front desk right side.
    We are also Continue reading
  • Are there pick-ups from Kochi Station to the hotel?

    We do not have pick-up service, so excuse me, but please come by taxi or train.

    ·In case of train
    Kochi Station → Transfer at HarimayabashContinue reading
  • Is there a humidifier?

    Yes, we have.All rooms are installed with humidification / dehumidification / air purification function.

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