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Outdoor bath

Looking down on the castle town where Ryoma Sakamoto was born

Outdoor bath

The top floor and Prospects open-air bath of Jyoseikan is, swam of Ryoma Kagami River, rich view overlooking the mountains surrounding the Kochi Shiroshita
And texture of the wood, in the nature full of air, please enjoy leisurely you a night of Tropical country Tosa
  • Igosso-no-yu 〈Male outdoor bath〉

    The top floor and Prospects open-air bath Igosso-no-yu is, was born in the town of Ryoma, Kagami River a swim of Ryoma, is surrounded by mountains over the Kochi Shiroshita, you can enjoy moments of relaxation.
    It is a hot-spring style outdoor bath with a charming texture of wood.
  • Hachikin-no-yu 〈Women's open-air bath〉

    Jacuzzi is set up, Kochi Castle, far in the Shikoku Mountain Range of the Shikoku Mountain Range, while watching the mountain Shikoku Mountain Range, the tiredness of the trip is healed.
    In addition, you can enjoy a fantastic moment with the light up of the bathtub.
  • View large bath, Igosso-no-yu bath, Igosso-no-yu spring Igosso-no-yu, Hachikin-no-yu Igosso-no-yu spring

    Like the open-air bath, the large public baths “Igosso-no-yu (Men Yu)” and “Hachikin-no-yu no Igosso-no-yu (Men Yu)” have a Igosso-no-yu view from the top floor and are surrounded by the mountains surrounding Kochi Shiroshita.
  • Hot spring teahouse "Shiromi Yagura"

    Observation resting place where lighted-up Kochi Castle can be seen.
    It is a popular place to relax.
    Lights up from Shiromi Yagura towards Kochi Castle.
    Please also experience as customers can operate.
  • Sauna / powder room

    Both men and women have a sauna in the public bath.

    ■Powder Room
    Powder rooms indispensable for women are also equipped with large public baths.
    You can use it without any worries.

Bath details More information

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (change in the morning and evening) · Not permitted)

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0

Other bath facilities

Perspective Bath / Sauna / Jacuzzi(Conditioned)

Large Communal Bath, Opening Hours

Day and night···From 12:00 to 24:00 (It will be from 16:00 for cleaning only on Tuesday)
Morning···6:00 to 9:00