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  2. How to spend the Jyoseikan

How to spend the Jyoseikan

  • Recommended ① Relaxing in the lobby

    After checking in, if you quietly breath in the room, will you come down to the lobby and do not you spend it?

    In the courtyard there is a big tree of the field peony (Heterocentron Elegance Cote d'Azur).It seems rare to bloom on trees, and it is wearing a refined purple flower as its name suggests.

    The cabinet in front tea lounge Seseragi, in particular, who have loved the hotel, your photos and your favorite of Shigeru Yoshida, former Prime Minister of photos tracing the history of your photos and the facility of the members of the imperial family, also among the notables who welcomed There are other exhibits such as the "Old Parr" whiskey bottle made in Japan. Please have a look.
  • Recommended ② Nagomi in tea lounge

    "I am hungry, I am thirsty" I went to the 1st tea lounge "Seseragi".

    The sticky menu is "Sawatari tea gift" which is refreshing taste using Sawatari tea from Kochi and luxurious "strawberries" which shaved the ice which frozen whole strawberries as it is.

    Besides that, Kochi's first landing! Also recommend "Silver eternal ice" which used "Chocolate Curemia" which is excellent with Langshisha Corn and "Umbrella ginburo beans" that is super rare!

  • Loose in the Recommended ③ Shiromi Yagura Shiromi Yagura

    After healing the fatigue of the journey relaxing in outlook open-air bath overlooking the Kochi Shiroshita is loose in Shiromi Yagura...
    Kochi Castle that was lighted up welcomes you in front of you.
    And and! It is also the most pressing point of the hotel that you can experience the experience of hitting Kochi Castle!
    Please enjoy while tasting "Yuzu tea" full of the citrus scent in the tea shop as the bath rises.
  • Recommended ④ plenty of buffet

    The vitality of the day comes from breakfast!
    Fill your stomach with plenty of buffet with more than 60 kinds of Japanese and Western cuisines.

    Among them, we recommend dishes prepared from open kitchens.Eggplant and omelets etc, if you order it will make it in front of you.
  • Recommended ⑤ Extra edition

    Although it is not a facility in the facility, we went to "Ryoma’s birthplace Memorial Hall" located at the back of the hotel (2 minutes on foot).
    Why do not you spend your time with Ryoma at a memorial hall that was built in the town where Ryoma was born and raised as a warm smell of wood?
  • Recommended ⑥

    Other things in the facility and sightseeing ...
    If you have any Chika, ask Chika, the tourist concierge.

    We are waiting for you at the lobby on the first floor.