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  2. Searing studio Warayaki Tataki Kobo

Searing studio Warayaki Tataki Kobo

Demonstration of bonito straw-grilled Tataki that can be unfolded in front of you!

  • Jyoseikan 2nd floor

    Searing studio Warayaki Tataki Kobo straw-grilled seared of exciting bonito dancing flames of Jyoseikan where you can enjoy in front of the eye.
    Please enjoy plenty of demonstrating the stately "straw-baked" performance of bonito Tataki, which will be held in front of customers.

    It is under demonstration from 17: 50 every evening.
    Please look.

Straw-grilled beating movie

Jyoseikan's bonito is all finished with straw!

  • Inn issuing the Kochi city all of skipjack tuna in the straw grilled only Jyoseikan

    Jyoseikan Josaikan, we will provide you with a “straw-yaki” ramen for all your meals, including dinner for your stay and various banquet plan.
    Please enjoy the flavorful and fragrant genuine taste different from ordinary gas burning.
    (※We do not correspond at Japanese Restaurant "Shikitei".)

Bonito straw-grilled beat "raw" shipping nationwide available

Reasons for straw-grilling

  • The flavor is different than anything else! Straw-baked can make the best use of freshness!

    Among gas grilled mainstream, it was involved in the traditional cooking methods of Tosa imposing a dare effort in Jyoseikan"straw grilled".

    Bonoro is a fresh odor eliminated by burning rice straw (Ichira) peculiar smell and it becomes a unique taste.

    I will cook it all at once with a new flame so that the fire will not pass through, the surface of my body dulls, if I can crack my skin I am ready.

Three passions of straw-grilled bonito

  • 1.Bonding to bonito

    We will secure high quality bonito stably with the purchasing route making full use of scale merit.
    Jyoseikan's use of bonito is 16 tons per year, which is one of the largest in the prefecture.
    In addition, Jyoseikan, has a Nakaoroshi of qualifications, it is the direct purchase negotiations Kochi Chuo Wholesale Market
  • 2.Stick to salt

    I am using "Tempio Salt" of Tosa Saga, Kochi Prefecture of Tosa Saga, Kochi Prefecture, which matches Tataki of bonito.

  • 3.Stick to straw

    I am using straw produced in Kochi prefecture.

First Goto will come!

Bonito cuisine variety

  • Jyoseikan Josaikan, we offer a lot of salmon dishes as well as Tatsuki.
    As a hotel specializing in cooking, we deliver authentic Kochi 's taste.
  • In Kochi, bonito is enjoyed with various recipes besides Tataki which you get with general sauce.
    Jyoseikan also offers a lot of recommended crab dishes for people outside the prefecture.

Tataki of bonito, we will ship nationwide!

Jyoseikan Rakuten market store, we are exhibiting bonito tapping!

  • Jyoseikan Josaikan, "Kochi's delicious" including Nouchi no Tatsuki is shipped nationwide by direct delivery.
    On this occasion, please enjoy the authentic taste.